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SMK QLD offer a broad range of professional services including Surveyors, Designers and Planners. Our expertise can achieve your goals regardless of job size.

We specialise in Cadastral Surveying, Engineering Surveying, Contour & Feature Surveying, Irrigation Survey & Design, Town Planning and Project Management.

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Land Surveys, Town Planning & Project Management – SMK QLD

We at SMK QLD make your building plans and designs efficient to work.

Do you want to know how?  There is no hard science in the procedure.  We run some simple surveys and provide you with information that makes your design workable.

SMK QLD is working in the industry with numerous architect firms and construction companies in helping them with their projects.  We provide the best in town planning, urban & rural development and even surveying agricultural land.



More Than Just Land Surveys in Queensland

We meet the professional who looks forward to presenting a project to bag a deal but requires a little verification about their design. Our professional team helps the designers to come up with a design that helps to avoid DA.

Moreover, we have designers, surveyors and planners in our team.  These qualified professionals provide seamless services from surveying to design and plan any project. Our goal is to keep any project hassle-free and manageable as well.  Coming up with the appropriate report that helps in preparing a disaster-proof design is our preference.



Queensland’s Choice for Land Surveys & Town Planning

SMK QLD offers you a wide range of services related to land surveying and planning. We specialize in Cadastral surveying, contour & Feature surveying, irrigation survey, Engineering Surveying, Project Management and Town Planning in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and anywhere else in Australia.

We take care of your projects from the survey, planning to design and even execution. Giving you the ultimate designs, suggestions, planning advice, and project approval from authorities is our focus.

All the services we offer have details in them.  We take every single aspect seriously and lead you to successful construction every time.  The service we offer is good enough for the individuals and designers as well.  Before you are attached to a design, we bring you logical feasibility about it to avoid any problems from the get-go.



How We Ensure Quality Project Management in Queensland

From Brisbane surveyors to Gold Coast town planners and everything in between, we do whatever’s necessary to make a project successful, we follow a systematic procedure. We believe that everything requires specific sections and details. So, we divide everything into different steps.

      • Step 1 – running a survey
        The very first step is about you letting us know about your project or land options. We take all the necessary details and then run a survey on the land. Using the advanced tools and practices, we make sure to come up with a conclusive report.
      • Step 2 – generating a report:
        The team compiles a report based on a survey.  The survey includes every minor detail that is essential for construction design and development.  The team makes sure to never miss out on anything that can cause trouble later.
      • Step 3 – discussion or planning on report:
        After report compilation, we forward the report to you and let you review it. We can have a discussion or brief meeting on the report.  It helps to let you have a better idea about the land condition, issue and possible solution.  We can do the planning and design for your project or help you in designing it as well.
      • Step 4 – execution and assistance:
        Eventually, the final step is about the execution of the project.  Our team follows the discussion notes and ensures to come up with a feasible design for the project.  We take care of your project from designing to planning and project management after surveying.



Contact Our Team of Professionals Today!

Do you need a Queensland land surveyor, cadastral surveyor, a town planner or reliable project management?  Then contact us today, we are always here to help you with the best planning, design, and execution services.
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