About Us

Shaping the Future

SMK QLD provide a combined service for survey, assessment and development of projects across the country. Whilst the majority of our work is undertaken in Queensland and New South Wales, we have also undertaken projects in Victoria, the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Internationally with our most recent projects in Sudan and Uzbekistan. Our offices are located at Goondiwindi, Brisbane and Gold Coast.


Our professional team are here to build the future

Our Company provides a multi-disciplinary approach to development proposals with services including town planning, surveying, irrigation designs and project supervision.

SMK QLD provide professional services for Cadastral Surveying, Irrigation Survey & Design, Town Planning, Project Management, Engineering Surveying and Contour & Feature Surveying.

Our Team

Ralph P Kinsella

Registered Surveyor/Director


Jeff F Jones

Registered Surveyor/Director

B.SP.S Surv. (USQ)

Reg Surv (SBQ & SSSI)

Tom J Jobling

Town Planner