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Services - NSW/QLD in Urban/Rural Development

Cadastral Surveying

  • Boundary Identification Surveys
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Amalgamation Surveys
  • Lease of Land Surveys
  • Building Lease Surveys
  • Road opening and closure Surveys
  • Easement Surveys

Irrigation Survey & Design

  • Farm Concept Plans
  • Field Survey GPS/LIDAR/Tractor data sources
  • Field Design and Farm layout plans
  • Water Storage designs
  • Channel designs
  • Pivot and Lateral layout designs and plans

Town Planning

  • Development Application

- Material Change of Use (MCU)
- Reconfigure a Lot (ROL)
- Operational Works (OP works)
- Building Works
- Intensive Agriculture - Feedlots

Project Management

  • Due Diligence
  • Project Management

Engineering Surveying

  • Building Set-out works
  • Contour & Feature Surveys

Contour & Feature Surveying

  • Hydrographic Surveying
  • Drone Surveying

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Town Planning Brisbane

SMK QLD is a reliable company that is offering you the ultimate in Brisbane town planning.  We ensure that you will get the best construction design and management, and end up with efficient, effective and beautiful plans. Before jumping to construction, it is essential to get started with a base plan.  The professional team helps you with the overall evaluation and planning for your land or construction site.
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About Our Town Planner Services in Brisbane

In our services as Brisbane town planners, we cover every single aspect that you need. Starting from the development application, operations, use of material to agriculture.  The team will inspect your location to find out what you are planning to do on that land.

Considering the other factors in surroundings like builders, roads and potential land health, the team provides you ultimate suggestions.  We ensure you will get complete guidance from getting started with the land to finishing the project.


Town Planning in Brisbane for Favourable Utilisation of Land

At SMK QLD, our team of Brisbane urban planners make sure to investigate and provide you with the ultimate development plan.  Every suggestion is compatible with Brisbane town planning guidelines.  We make sure your project will not cross over with town planning guidelines.  Eventually, you will get construction that makes ultimate utilisation of your land.  Moreover, there is no risk of danger or destruction.

Working in every area

At SMK QLD, we deal in urban town planning in Brisbane along with rural town planning.  It does not matter if you are planning a project in the middle of town or any surrounding suburbs.  We are here to help you. Our experienced professionals know everything that fits within perfect project planning, you can rely on us.


Our Brisbane Town Planners Provide You With Official Approved Plans

Being the ultimate regional town planner in Brisbane, our professionals offer you officially approved plans.  The land development authorities will not bug you regarding your project at all.  Being a professional firm, we ensure you have a town planning friendly compatible work plan that meet all government requirements for land utilisation.

Along with planning, we also assist you in managing official paperwork and council approvals.


Get a quote from our Brisbane Town Planners Today!

You should contact the best urban town planner in Brisbane to speed up your land project.  Only with SMK’s extensive regional town planning services in Brisbane, can you end up with timely approvals and completion.  We are always ready to provide you with a suitable quote for town plans. Contact us now!
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