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Services - NSW/QLD in Urban/Rural Development

Cadastral Surveying

  • Boundary Identification Surveys
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Amalgamation Surveys
  • Lease of Land Surveys
  • Building Lease Surveys
  • Road opening and closure Surveys
  • Easement Surveys

Irrigation Survey & Design

  • Farm Concept Plans
  • Field Survey GPS/LIDAR/Tractor data sources
  • Field Design and Farm layout plans
  • Water Storage designs
  • Channel designs
  • Pivot and Lateral layout designs and plans

Town Planning

  • Development Application

- Material Change of Use (MCU)
- Reconfigure a Lot (ROL)
- Operational Works (OP works)
- Building Works
- Intensive Agriculture - Feedlots

Project Management

  • Due Diligence
  • Project Management

Engineering Surveying

  • Building Set-out works
  • Contour & Feature Surveys

Contour & Feature Surveying

  • Hydrographic Surveying
  • Drone Surveying

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Land Surveyors Brisbane

SMK QLD is a house of professional Brisbane land surveyors with extensive experience.  Starting construction or agricultural activities on any land without its survey or inspection is a big mistake as per our experience.  We believe that one should initiate any planned project after getting land surveys in Brisbane.  It helps you in avoiding any town planning headaches in the future.

Our Brisbane surveyors provide you with a detailed report about the land and its significance for the project. It helps in getting better outcomes from the project.  When you want a project to go smoothly, project, a land survey is your saviour.  Only a survey can help you to understand whether the land is favourable for building construction or farm.  Moreover, it includes numerous other benefits.
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Working as a Two-Way Surveyor Brisbane

We are working as the best land surveyor in Brisbane and offering services in two ways to our clients.  Starting from the residential or commercial land surveys, we do offer agriculture land surveys as well.

If you have construction plans, our team will survey the location and bring you results.  We make sure to catch it up with the best reports and credentials.  You will get detailed guidelines about the construction.  The reports include surfacing, soil minerals, grip and sustainability of land for the project.

For the agricultural land, you will get boundary surveys in Brisbane along with surface and soil structure.  The availability of require minerals, favourable crop production and many other factors are in the report.  Moreover, it includes farm layout plans, water storage plans, farm concepts and much more.  You will get in-hand assistance that will help in getting started with agriculture and farming immediately.

Ensure Secure Land Utilisation with a Brisbane Land Survey

We bring the ultimate and experienced cadastral surveyors in Brisbane to ensure you have secure land utilisation.  Not anything you are planning to have on your land will go waste.  It will simply be with the nature of the land and official policies.  Professionals in our team are aware of all the integral policies and set rules.

We ensure you end up with the best results in any manner.  The wide range of survey services ensures your land to be a safe place.  It yields you better results.  SMK professional’s evaluation is certified and valid for all official proceedings as well.  You can show the land certifications and survey reports to authorities to take permission or mention your working goals.

Get your Land Survey in Brisbane Now!

Your land needs the ultimate care and safety. It is not possible to work on any piece of land randomly.  Getting a cadastral survey in Brisbane reduces your tension and hassle as well. With the appropriate energy utilisation, you can end up with effective results.

It is time to initiate the best practice. Contact our team today to plan out a land survey in Brisbane.  We ensure to give you a quick and detailed survey report. It is a kick-start for your project planning and its execution. Our representatives are available 24/7 to help you with any questions.
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