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Services - NSW/QLD in Urban/Rural Development

Cadastral Surveying

  • Boundary Identification Surveys
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Amalgamation Surveys
  • Lease of Land Surveys
  • Building Lease Surveys
  • Road opening and closure Surveys
  • Easement Surveys

Irrigation Survey & Design

  • Farm Concept Plans
  • Field Survey GPS/LIDAR/Tractor data sources
  • Field Design and Farm layout plans
  • Water Storage designs
  • Channel designs
  • Pivot and Lateral layout designs and plans

Town Planning

  • Development Application

- Material Change of Use (MCU)
- Reconfigure a Lot (ROL)
- Operational Works (OP works)
- Building Works
- Intensive Agriculture - Feedlots

Project Management

  • Due Diligence
  • Project Management

Engineering Surveying

  • Building Set-out works
  • Contour & Feature Surveys

Contour & Feature Surveying

  • Hydrographic Surveying
  • Drone Surveying

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Land Surveys in the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is undoubtedly great one day and stunning the next. It is tough to disagree with someone who has spent any time in the region.  The Gold Coast is flooded with gorgeous beaches, untouched state monuments, endless eating options, and lots of fun for the kids, so it is no wonder that this is still one of Australia’s leading tourist destinations.  On average around 80% of the tourists from all over the world, opt for Australia just to enjoy the perks of the Gold coast.

Just like anywhere else, it is always good to have a survey of your property place before buying it so that you won’t regret buying it later.  Here at SMK QLD PTY LTD, we provide you with the best Gold Coast land surveyors at a very nominal fee that, unmatched services you can rely on.
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Why Would You Need A Gold Coast Surveyor?

The following are the various aspects why you should have a house or land inspected before buying it.  This is similar to purchasing a property insurance plan; then again, your home and property are the single biggest purchases which you would ever take, therefore it is critical that you defend your assets.

  • Confirm that the property specified in the conveyance relates to the property the buyer wants to purchase.
  • The enhancements being transmitted are contained within the strict limits.
  • There seem to be no registration claims on the property, such as impositions or illegal leases.
  • Make sure the terrain isn’t prone to floods.
  • Verify that the modifications were constructed in compliance with local regulations.
  • Confirm that the actual products and functions on hand are sufficient for your needs.
  • The majority of property border disputes are caused by individuals not knowing where their limits are.

Here are some reasons why you should pack your bags and land on the Gold Coast for your next vacation:


The Cultural Diversity

The city draws many overseas students each year, thanks to the great institutions of the Gold Coast.  The Gold Coast is a pleasant, varied, and culturally diverse location to have a vacation in, in addition to the numerous visitors that visit the region.  In reality, over one-third of Gold Coast inhabitants were born outside of the country.

Every year, there are several ethnic festivals and programs.  Southport’s renowned Chinatown also organizes tourist spots and cultural activities on a monthly basis. Australia is well known for its public sector universities.  It is the best way to learn about different cultures of the world and gel in with them.


Breathtaking Theme Parks

The Gold Coast’s famed theme parks provide plenty to choose from you, even if you are an excitement addict, a movie lover, a yoga practitioner, or a sea infant.  Dreamland, Wet’n’Wild, Movie Universe, and Paradise Country are one of the states of the art theme parks and lie within a short distance of the Gold Coast, each of them offers a unique combination of adrenaline-pumping delights and family-friendly entertainment.

All of the above-mentioned theme parks provide something to everyone regardless of their taste. It is a complete package in itself.


Land Surveying And Town Planning

If you want to land survey the Gold Coast then there are many services out there which can help you out, but SMK QLD are the best consultants who can provide you with the best land surveys as well as any town planning or project management services which you might need.
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