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Services - NSW/QLD in Urban/Rural Development

Cadastral Surveying

  • Boundary Identification Surveys
  • Subdivision Surveys
  • Amalgamation Surveys
  • Lease of Land Surveys
  • Building Lease Surveys
  • Road opening and closure Surveys
  • Easement Surveys

Irrigation Survey & Design

  • Farm Concept Plans
  • Field Survey GPS/LIDAR/Tractor data sources
  • Field Design and Farm layout plans
  • Water Storage designs
  • Channel designs
  • Pivot and Lateral layout designs and plans

Town Planning

  • Development Application

- Material Change of Use (MCU)
- Reconfigure a Lot (ROL)
- Operational Works (OP works)
- Building Works
- Intensive Agriculture - Feedlots

Project Management

  • Due Diligence
  • Project Management

Engineering Surveying

  • Building Set-out works
  • Contour & Feature Surveys

Contour & Feature Surveying

  • Hydrographic Surveying
  • Drone Surveying

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Town planning in the Gold Coast

Here at SMK QLD, we offer you the best town planners in the Gold Coast for all your construction designs, project management and land surveying needs.  Basically, we cover everything needed for a successful project, from start to finish, ensuring you’re left with a well designed building on fully utilised land.  Our Gold Coast urban planners are with you every step of the way.

Our Gold Coast town planners offer every service you could possibly need when it comes to a successful project, from design to construction.  We can advise in development application, operations, use of material to agriculture.  Our team can inspect and survey your location anywhere in the Gold Coast, and our town planning services will guide ensure your project’s a smooth ride.

Before starting any construction, it’s crucial an urban planner in the Gold Coast surveys your land to not only determine if there’s any potential hazards that will impede construction, but also ideas and advice on how to best utilise your land to benefit your project.
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Looking for Gold Coast Town Planners?

Land comes in many different shapes and sizes, and can be utilised in a number of different ways.  A town planner in the Gold Coast can provide you with all the information about your land, and in-depth consultations on what’s best to do with it.

This is something that only the best town planners in the Gold Coast can help you with.  Not only are we confident that we’re the best urban planners around, we offer the complete range of town planning services in the Gold Coast and we ensure your customer satisfaction.  We’re proud to work with-in Australian regulations and guidelines


We’re the Best Town Planners in the Gold Coast

At SMK QLD, we specialise in urban town planning in the Gold Coast along with rural town planning.  We cover all things related to the urban structure, from surveys, designs and project management.  Whether you’re planning to build a home, an industrial warehouse or even a block of units, we have everything you need to ensure it’s done the best possible way, from start to finish.


Official approved plans

Everything we do is completely up to standards and regulations. We offer officially approved plans, fully licensed surveyors and qualified consultations.  We handle all the approvals and paperwork required and we can ensure the council won’t be pestering you once the project is complete.


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